Get Started as Buyer of The Teacher’s Hustle

Getting Started  as a Buyer


  1. Get- Registered –Registration begins with an option to register as a buyer or seller. Choose to register as a buyer. Once you have registered you will receive an email confirmation.


  1. Verify Email Address –Once registered you will receive a verification email. Please verify your email so that you can get started.  Check your SPAM if you do not receive your verification email.  If you still have problems contact support at here.


  1. Please read Terms and Conditions , as you have already accepted them during initial registration. It explains everything you need to know about the site. It speaks of what is prohibited, copyrights and trademark violations and more.


  1. Create a profile – Once your account is all set up and you have verified your email, it is time to create your profile by adding an image, password and  payment information. You can do everything you need to do within your account,  and see every aspect of what is transpiring.

  1. Purchase a Job(Hustle)– Now that your profile is  set up, it’s all  systems go! It’s  time to hunt for your first Job or Hustle. How exciting! You can search Hustles, or jobs by going to the search bar inputting a key word in order to find the perfect Hustle that meets your needs.


  1. Post a Request- You can also post a request, which is a custom request.  This happens when you don’t see the job you are looking for. Your request includes the specifics of  what you want done. Sellers  can view and  create a custom hustle or job that is based on the criteria submitted in the request.

  1.  Hustles vs. Requests – So confusing I know. To clear things up here are the definitions of both.


    • A Hustle or Job,   is a post created by a seller who is letting the world know what types of work they can offer to a buyer.


    • A Request is a post created by a buyer, when they do not see a Hustle, or job that suits their needs. A request is a customized to a buyers particular need.  A seller can respond to the request and create a job that suits the buyer’s needs.

Buyers at  The Teacher’s Hustle Team wishes you much success.